- Dimensional shingles with a limited-lifetime warranty.
- 29 gauge steel coated in zinc and aluminum and baked enamel paint combine to provide you with a 40 year warranty against rust, corrosion, chipping and peeling.  This feature translates to an attractive, maintenance-free and fire-resistant storage option.
- Pre-primed 5/8" Duratemp (or similar) siding with a tough hardboard face that won't split, crack or   check and true plywood inner core. 

• Built on your site.
• Limited Lifetime warranty on metal siding; 50-year warranty on wood siding; Limited Lifetime warranty on shingles.
• Unrivaled 12-year warranty on materials and workmanship.
  Free delivery within the area.
• Prices include installation but not sales tax.
• Due to variability in costs of material and gas, prices subject to change without notice.
• Customer is responsible for ensuring that the installation site is level and for addressing building codes, permits and covenants and regulations.
• Documents for permits available for additional fee.

3 or 4 - 4x6 pressure-treated skids leveled on concrete blocks
2x4 joists, 2' on center
3/4"  exterior-grade plywood

MUS:  2x4 3' on center; 3/4" plywood lining stall walls
Barn and Shed: 2x4 2' on center

MUS:  2x6 3’ on center
Barn and Shed: 2x4  2' on center
All trusses connected with steel plates for superior strength
Pitch:  MUS 3-12; Barn and Shed 4-12

MUS 3' x 6'9"; Barn and Shed 4'4" x 6'3"