Foothill Country Sheds and Shelters, Inc. is owned and operated by The Rosas Family. We are located in Garden Valley, CA (El Dorado County) and are a family run business. We pride ourselves in providing premium quality Gable sheds, Gambrel barns, Saltboxs sheds and Livestock barns that fit your specific needs.

These structures originated in a Mennonite community (similar to Amish) in Missouri 30 years ago.  They are well established throughout the mid-west and the east. We saw how well these products could meet the unmet need of Northern California for maintenance-free, durable structures that look great and live up to the high standards of quality that Californians demand. 

We enjoy meeting and working with our customers to create and deliver a product that will meet their unique needs from basic storage to a complete horse run-in shed or barn.  We strive to provide excellent customer service by understanding your unique interests, discussing various feature and design options, and attending to the many details of your project from package preparation to on site construction.  The Golden Rule, "Treat others the way you want to be treated," drives how we operate our business and interact with our customers.  As a result, we have been blessed with much repeat business, custom jobs and referrals from our customers

​We hope you will give Foothill Country Sheds and Shelters, Inc. the opportunity to provide for your storage and shelter needs.  We look forward to meeting you and building you a great product.  Thanks for visiting our website!