This is one of our most popular basic Saltbox shed designs.  The picture is of a 9x21 with metal siding.  The Shedrow Barn comes with a 6' wide storage room complete with floor and door to keep your tack, feed or "stuff" high and dry.  The remaining length of the Shedrow is devoted to open stall space usable by animals, vehicles or fire wood for that matter.  The most susceptible framing members and kick boards are protected by high strength steel trim.  We recommend the 12x Shedrow for horse use as 12x12 spaces are recommended if you plan to create stalls.

The are so many options possible to create the ideal Shedrow, it's impossible to list them all.  The pictures below provide a glimpse at some of the ways our customers have modified the basic Shedrow to make their dreams come true.  Popular modifications include enlarging the "Tack Room" and overhang and creating stalls with enclosures and dividers. We've helped thousands of customers develop their dreams into reality so don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and interests so we can create the ideal barn for you.

​Be sure to check out our "Custom Barns" page for other barn options such as Raised Aisle Barns and Gable Barns.

​​Additional Options*:
Windows           Shelves                  Ramps
3x2….$260       16”….$6.35/ft.       36”…..$150
3x3….$315       24”….$7.45/ft.       48”…..$175​​
*Just a small sample of the many options available.​

9x12​    $3,195       12x12    $4,020
9x15​    $3,760       12x15    $4,715
9x18​    $4,245       12x18​    $5,280
9x21​    $4,805       12x21    $5,875
9x24​    $5,390       12x24​    $6,425
9x27    ​$5,820       12x27​    $7,135
9x30​    $6,380       12x30    $7,865
9x36    $7,585       12x36​    $9,275

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